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by Anoop kumar singh
Saturday, June 13, 2009
getting your facebook profile url
From today every facebook user get their facebook profile url like twitter,myspace and google etc.facebook launches the new application from today that create ur own username in facebook.After choosing ur facebook username ,u never change it.there are 200 million users in facebook and they all want to pick a suitable user name for their profile so chances are high that the username u want that has been already taken by some other.

Create ur facebook profile hrom here.
my new facebook url is .

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
create your own profile card
this is my all in one profile card.u can also create ur page by using retaggr...this site provide ur all net profiles in one page.

my full profile url:-

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Thursday, February 26, 2009
connect with me ....
i stop blogging since few months ...u can c the last post of my blog published on 7th july 08. i m very sorry for that.i again start blogging after few months perhaps after this year . but u can connect with me by my all profiles . i make my profiles on all the top social networking sites like twitter,facebook,linkedin etc. i give the link of all my profiles below...

1 - facebook
2- twitter
3- linkedin
4- orkut
5- digg
6- google
7- yahoo
8- flickr
9-my bloglog
10-photos of anoop singh

u can also search me by my name " anoop kumar singh " on google and results for 'anoop kumar singh' display all my profiles given above.i hope u add me as ur friend on these sites.i want to keep in touch with all my friends...

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Monday, July 7, 2008
Rapidshare free accounts..
Do you want to download many GB's of files with premium accounts if yes then try this Rapidshare Download Manager. It just the same thing, we non premium user do. I am going to post few working rapidshare download managers. Enjoy.It's not fake and works like a charm.
what does they do:
1) Varifies for the broken link
2) Read the captcha and enter them automatically
3) You can shedule them to download many filesUS DOWNLODER:

download link:

features:Auto update feature is enabled so that you can get the latest updated software.Condition:
working on 24 March 2008
Download Now
More download manager will be posted soon.

source :- my tech life

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Convert Audio As Well As Video Files Online
Yes, you can convert audio and video files online also . Media convert is one of the best and free online audio and video file converter by which you can convert all your audio files in other supported formats .
How to covert a file ?
First click on a browse button and select a audio file which you want to convert in other format . In second step check that automatic detection display the right format of your uploaded file or not , if it is unable than you can select manually the file format which you have uploaded . Than scroll down little bit and you will find output format option there you can select the format you want to convert your file into and in right hand side click on ok button .
Media convert also provides file converting options to those files which are located on web servers . For this service you can select Conversion from Url option from top navbar . We can convert 150MB file at one time . They supports almost all formats like convert mp3 to ringtone , convert mp4 to mp3 , mp3 to midi etc .So before download any software on your computer, which can contain viruses , spywares and adwares you should try this online service one time . I think you will also stick to it because it has many other options also like you can convert popular Documents, text formats as well as you can convert images and resize them also .

source :- technical tricks

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Find Our Blog Readers on Google Maps or Google Earth

Around 1,500 readers have put their names on the Digital Inspiration Map. You can explore the complete list of people on either Google Maps or Google Earth.
The blue pins represent males while the pink ones represent female readers. You can click the pins to know more about that person like his / her name, Blog URL, etc.
If you missed adding your name earlier , please go to, search your location on the Google Map and click “Add”. Thank you...

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Thursday, May 1, 2008
get a free .com domain
dear friends,
r u really want a free .com, .net domain ?? then try out this ....

this sites gives u free domain only for 9 referrals. so dont b late !!!!

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Monday, December 17, 2007
privacy in orkut scrapbook

now u r block ur orkut scrapbook from strangers. by chossing this option only ur orkut friends are read ur scrapbook .

so if u dont want to show ur orkut scrapbook to all world just follow these steps

1 - Go to the settings

2- Then click on the PRIVACY

3- and then allow ur scrapbook content to ur friends .

u can also blok ur album,video,testimonials and feeds .

so enjoy now with ur private scrapbook !!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Multiple login in google talk
I wonder why this feature is not by default included in Google Talk. One can login
simultaneously to more than one account. Unlike yahoo multiple login no need of
registry editing here.

Follow these simple steps.........

* Create a shortcut of your Google talk.
* Right click the shortcut ----> choose Properties.
* In the "Target" you will find this "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"
* Now at the end of target add this "/nomutex" without the quotes. It should be like this
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex There is a space
after googletalk.exe"

Thats it .Click OK and you can open more than one Google talk.

Amazing, isn't it?


play movie in paint
Start movie in Paint .....

* First start a movie in any player.
* Then open Paint.
* Now, in the player when the movie is being played, press "Print screen" button
on your key board.
* Now, Press ctrl+v in Paint* Leave the movie player open and don't minimize it
* Open Paint now and see the movie in the Paint!

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