Me and my net
by Anoop kumar singh
Sunday, May 27, 2007
free call from pc to mobile...
if u want to make free calls from net to mobiles try out GIZMO CALL . here registration is free and u get 10 min. calls everyday free.

u can call anywhere in the world by using it .but there is one restriction,the maximum call duration can be only 3min/call.after registration u have to download a flash plugin and u ready for call ...
so start now..............

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Friday, May 25, 2007
Hindi search engine
are u bored with english search engine like google,yahoo etc and u want a search engine in hindi. dont worry just check RAFTAAR .

raftaar is the best search engine in also povide hindi keyboad for easier approach.
so start now seach in hindi ...good luck...

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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Alexa ranking chain...
From last few month bloggers are trying new methods to improve their blog rankings by running different link trains like Technorati train, feed train , Mybloglog train and now they are running Alexa train successfully .
This trains provides one one the best part of bloggers journey which is know as good Alexa ranking numbers . So if you want to improve your Alexa ranking just get linked or take your seat in it by linking others .
I saw this train on DIGITALMAIL, then copy his post and paste here . Here is the list of blogs running this train just go and join them and make new friends .
Alexa Redirect for Life Rocks 2.0
Alexa Redirect for News Blog
Alexa Redirect for Web 2.0
Alexa Redirect for Madhur’s Blog
Alexa Redirect for Blog of Ehsan
Alexa Redirect for Technical Blog
Alexa Redirect for Byte of Technology
Alexa Redirect for Serendipity
Alexa Redirect for Shankar’s Tech Blog
Alexa Redirect for Brown Barron’s Blog
Alexa Redirect for Windows Tips
Alexa Redirect for MeAndMyDrum
Alexa Redirect for Techlivez
Alexa Redirect for kuanhoong dot com
Alexa Redirect for WebTools
Alexa Redirect for Biker’s Rural Adventure
Alexa Redirect for me and my net
Alexa Redirect for explore future
Alexa Redirect for Techcx

If anyone want to be the part of my train just drop one comment i will post your link also . Happy journey to all .

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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Digital inspiration launches the top 20 blogs hosted on bloggers...

Official Google Blog
one red paperclip
Google Webmaster Central
Baghdad Burning
The Sartorialist
Where is Raed ?
Google Maps Mania
Face Hunter
Camera Toss (The Blog)
Vegan Lunch Box
Music thing
The Angry Arab News Service
Official Google Reader Blog
Official Google Video Blog
Blogger templates

And here the list of top20 blogs by technorati

Authority: 27,646
Authority: 21,012
Authority: 19,078
Authority: 18,422
Authority: 15,982
Authority: 14,841
Authority: 13,693
Authority: 11,898
Authority: 11,707
Authority: 10,129
Authority: 10,042
Authority: 8,565
Authority: 8,502
Authority: 8,460
Authority: 8,224
Authority: 8,158
Authority: 7,809
Authority: 7,608
Authority: 7,556
Authority: 7,368

only two blog host by bloggers is in both top 20 ie
google blog and post secret .
so increase ur pr and make ur blog also in top 20 .Best of luck !!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
My link love
Dear friends,
I want to exchange blog links with my friends or any one. so any body wants his blog links appear here plz leave a comment here and add me in his blogroll i added his link with in next 24 hrs. This will also helps u to increase ur google PR,ur backlinks,ur traffic etc.
Here the list of that blogs which added me in his blog .

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Monday, May 14, 2007
Save yahoo messenger chat conversation
Yahoo! Messenger for the Web (beta) has just launched and includes an exciting new feature: Message History. The feature, which is available in select versions of the product, saves IM conversations in your account on our Yahoo! servers.
gtalk also provide this feature for their users .You can now access and search your message history from any computer -- just like email. Whether or not you use this feature, your IM friends and others you communicate with on Yahoo! Messenger may save conversations in their Yahoo! accounts.

source :- yahoo messenger

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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Amazing coincidence !!

Did you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC ...on9/11 was - Q33N .

Now Open your Notepad in ur computer and Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to 'Wingdings' then type the flightnumber i.e Q33N..

U will be amazed by the findings. u can't beleive how can it possible !!!! please try it in ur computer.

Saturday, May 5, 2007
Get paid for receiving sms ads..

Cant believe this? mGinger is gonna spice up your life through your mobile. Just sign-up with mGinger and start receiving ads on your mobile. You will get paid 20p for each ad you read on your mobile and 10p for each ad your friend reads on his mobile. When you are done with 300 rs in your account, you will be paid through cheque from mGinger. So, just sign up and spice up your life.
click here to sign up...

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