Me and my net
by Anoop kumar singh
Thursday, February 26, 2009
connect with me ....
i stop blogging since few months ...u can c the last post of my blog published on 7th july 08. i m very sorry for that.i again start blogging after few months perhaps after this year . but u can connect with me by my all profiles . i make my profiles on all the top social networking sites like twitter,facebook,linkedin etc. i give the link of all my profiles below...

1 - facebook
2- twitter
3- linkedin
4- orkut
5- digg
6- google
7- yahoo
8- flickr
9-my bloglog
10-photos of anoop singh

u can also search me by my name " anoop kumar singh " on google and results for 'anoop kumar singh' display all my profiles given above.i hope u add me as ur friend on these sites.i want to keep in touch with all my friends...

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