Me and my net
by Anoop kumar singh
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
This is kinda freaky, though obviously it's not true.It's just for fun.
Try it out...


According to this, I'm supposed to be dying on 22nd march, 2052 :)

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Blogger ATUL DOGRA said...
are anoop what are you looking for yaar , it's just nonsense nothing else . gr8 friends never dies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
anoop bhai nobody know when we such type of clock is only nonsense.but you have great job to find this typeof clock.i lke it as a joke.

i will consider myself lucky if i live till the time this death meter predicts.. aug 21,1961
i will die at an age of 77 then..that is a good score for life expectancy.. lolz