Me and my net
by Anoop kumar singh
Saturday, May 5, 2007
Get paid for receiving sms ads..

Cant believe this? mGinger is gonna spice up your life through your mobile. Just sign-up with mGinger and start receiving ads on your mobile. You will get paid 20p for each ad you read on your mobile and 10p for each ad your friend reads on his mobile. When you are done with 300 rs in your account, you will be paid through cheque from mGinger. So, just sign up and spice up your life.
click here to sign up...

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Blogger Rajeev said...
Is that for real!?
I dont think so.

nice blog btw

peace & love

Blogger simplyrahul said...

I just discovered that you can get paid to read ad's on your cell phone. Ads which are based on our preference. And the earning is not in few hundred rupees, but can turn into thousands. Its like i am making side income. Check it out -

However you need a invite id - Here it is - hul77
See how much you can make!! You will love it, coz i did.

- Mike