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by Anoop kumar singh
Thursday, June 21, 2007
add google gadgets to your blog !

for decorating ur blog a can add google gadgets to ur blog. like google talk,google search,google calender,live tv and many more interesting gadgets are present start now and add ur favourite gadgets to ur blog
source :- google gadgets

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Blogger Mihir said...
dood,umm what exactly is this alexa chain thing?

and great blog btw[:P]!!!

Blogger KAUSHAL said...
check out my new blog
and if u can
do help me to make the template
lik ur's

Blogger Mihir said...
hey,how DO you improve your alexa rank?
i didnt understand your {alexa chain] post too...
reply back man!

Blogger Ankit Shukla said...
i like this one...